There's a really cool pub in my hometown. On the tables there's a table mat describing the brewing process. As my one chemist friend said, and I really only have one chemist friend, it's a whole bunch of chemical reactions to make liquid bread. It's a process. That's my point.

Trying to figure out what the heck life is all about can be a bit, overwhelming. Not so here. Our goal is to make life as simple as possible. The only thing we want to say, life is good and there's a reason why. And while beer may be one of those proofs that life is meant to be good, therre are also puppies, Lord of the Rings 1-3, S'Mores, campfires, a good fitting pair of jeans, etc. etc. etc. But why? Well, We think there is a deeper, more significant reason why good things exist.

Take a journey with Ben and a group of his friends that spend thier time thinking through life, and hoping amd knowing there's something good to be had.


Sidenote:: Man, you really were wondering what the heck was down here if you scrolled. Props to you. Anyway, this guy has no affiliation with us. We just thought he knew his stuff.